Reunion de Varones en Cd Victoria

Reunion de Varones | Cd Victoria

Saturday - Reunion de Varones

The men’s meeting (Reunion de Varones) started at 5 p.m. led by Raul and Carlos of Cosecha Mundial Victoria.  The meeting began with each man in attendance (27) introducing himself and sharing a quick testimony.  It was a big encouragement  for the group.  The men then began to praise God and everyone there was prayed for. Many experienced the presence of God through peace, assurance, and joy.  The meeting then continued with a great meal prepared by Herminio from World Harvest Family Church.  The men thoroughly enjoyed their smoked meat sandwiches, delicious homemade pasta, and other tasty sides and condiments along with some great fellowship. After the meal a celebratory praise began!  The men loudly and joyfully praised the Lord led by Carlos Caballero, Sammy, and Javier.  Brother Manny sensed in the Spirit that the praise was that of a praise service done after a war or battle that had been won. It was a BLESSED night!

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday morning service was great as the Cosecha Mundial Victoria Praise Team arrived early and ready to give to the Lord.  The praise team played many songs that made people dance!  Carlos called all the men to the altar and they all came and praised HIM with joy! It was a great sight to see men praising HIM!  The service then continued as Willy ministered about the importance of being a member of the Body of Christ and how valuable each person is in the church.  The leaders and members then prayed for each other in His anointed presence and peace. While the adults finished praying for each other, Willy called all the youth to get prayed and prophesied over.  They prayed for freedom and victory over their lives and they were reminded that it can only happen in and through Jesus. What a blessed time!