Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Cosecha Mundial Victoria

Our church in Cd. Victoria is our largest church in Mexico. Established in July 2002, it maintains a membership of about 200 members. It is pastored by Jose & Jeanette Andrade and are assisted by several members of the local church.

Mundial Mante

The church in Mante is our newest church in Mexico. Meetings began as a bible study in 2008 by members of our Cosecha Mundial Victoria church. They now meet regularly as a church family and are currently pastored by leaders from Cosecha Mundial Victoria.

Cosecha Mundial Palabra de Poder

Cosecha Mundial Voz Campesina

Our church in Rio Bravo is our closest church and was founded through relatives from our Edinburg church family. They began meeting as a bible study in 1998 and continue to meet regularly under the leadership of Josue Guerrero.

Our church in Voz Campesina is our oldest church in Mexico. Established in 2000, this village lies outside of Zaragoza, Tamaulipas.  They are currently pastored by Isai and Karen Muniz who also assist with Cosecha Mundial Mante and Victoria.

Missions / Mexico Church Directors

Pastors Jose & Jeanette Andrade

Pastors Jose & Jeanette Andrade pastor several churches in Mexico. They currently oversee churches in Rio Bravo, Cd. Victoria, Cd. Mante, and in Voz Campesina in Tamaulipas, Mexico. 

Join the mission

Interested in serving the Kingdom on upcoming mission trips?

Pastor Jose & Jeanette Andrade visit Mexico weekly and others from the congregation make trips as well! If you're interested in visiting these churches and offering your gifts, time, or donations to furthering the Kingdom in Mexico, please speak with our men's pastor, Willy Contreras. 

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